Saturday, November 1, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 11/01/08

Early Morning:

► Started Jo's kiln on another bisque firing. (59F/15C @ midnight)

► Bedtime. (59F/15C @ 4:30 AM)

Late Morning:

► A sunny and warm fall morning. (64F/18C @ 10 AM)

► This is fall? Really warming up today. 75F/24C @ noon.

► Jerry Joe called to tell us he'd gotten some laying hens and was back in the egg business. We used to buy eggs from Jerry's ex-wife, but when they split up, he wasn't interested in taking care of the chickens properly. With all his cows and land, Jerry's got so many different irons in the fire, I really cannot imagine him doing a better job of chicken raising and egg gathering this time around. I wonder if his current girlfriend is spending more time at his place these day? Could be. For the sake of our buying free-range chicken eggs, I hope so. (Unfortunately, I'd stocked up on eggs when I went to town Wednesday. We won't even need any eggs for a few days.)


Nature in the Ozarks blog post: Soldier (Leatherwing) Beetles

► Big, fluffy clouds moving in. (77F/25C @ 2 PM)

► Lots of groggy wasps stumbling through the air on this warm fall day. (72F/22C @ 5 PM)


► A noticeable increase in our winter bird population despite today's unseasonably warm temperatures. (64F/17C @ 10:30 PM)

► I broke a bandsaw blade while working down in my shop this evening. It just got tired and broke. That happens. I usually keep spare blades on hands, but I've gotten behind with my ordering of supplies and don't have a replacement. I managed to find an old blade and put it on the saw, but if that blade had been in good shape, I'd never have removed it. It cuts, but not well. Now I really need to place a supplies order on Monday.

► Finished working in my shop for the day. (63ºF/17ºC @ midnight)

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