Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 11/05/08

►  Skies clear ... gusty south wind blowing ... 58ºF/14ºC @ 1 AM.

►  Sunny, very gusty south wind and 69ºF/20ºC @ 11 AM. The arrival of a new cold front and accompany storms are in our forecast for early tomorrow morning.

►  From clear skies to mostly cloudy in about an hour. Weather going downhill fast. (67ºF/19ºC @ 5 PM)

►  Shingle ripping south wind blowing. No rain yet, but NOAA radar show that showers are in eastern Oklahoma and heading this way. I don't think many  of our pretty fall leaves will be left after all this wind.  (66ºF/19ºC @ 7:30 PM)

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