Thursday, November 6, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 11/06/08

►  Partly cloud skies. Clearing with the arrival of a new cold front. Wind calm at the moment, but it's forecast to increase. Early morning storms greatly overrated. Only .4" (10mm) of rain and no thunder and lightning. (65ºF/18ºC @ 11:00 AM)

►  Clear skies, little wind and 74ºF/23ºC @ 1:00 PM. What happened to the cold front that was supposed to be moving into our area?

►  Back from afternoon walk. Very little fall color left after yesterday's wind. (63ºF/17ºC @ 5:00 PM)

►  As the sun sets the temperature is  falling faster and farther than it has in well over a week.  We really did receive a fresh cold front.

►  Started Jo's kiln on another glaze firing. (51ºF/10ºC @ midnight)

►  Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks:  Camel Cricket.

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