Sunday, November 23, 2008

Journal: Sunday, 11/23/08

►  Started kiln on a glaze firing.  (Clear, moderate south wind and 35ºF/1ºC @ midnight)

►  Fully closed lid on kiln. Influence of south wind has caused temperature to rise a degree since midnight. Currently 36ºF/2ºC @ 3 AM.

►  Bedtime.  (37ºF/2ºC @ 5:30 AM)

►  The clothes Jo left on the clothesline overnight are not doing a lot more drying this overcast and damp morning. Drying insulated jeans takes a very long time. (46ºF/7ºC @ 11:00 AM)

►  Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks:  Green Cloverworm Moth.

►  Overcast has "progressed" into a light drizzle. Jo brought the clothes inside off the clothesline. Everything was dry except for the insulated jeans, which are now hanging in front of our wood stove. (46ºF/7ºC @ 1:45 PM)

►  Jo and I and the dogs took our full walk to the gate and back despite the damp overcast and occasional drizzle.  I've told Rusty and Bucket that I thought we should skip playing fetch today because of the funky weather.  They did not agree.  (44ºF/6ºC @ 4:30 PM)

►  Ended up playing a short session of fetch with our dogs. When it involves something they enjoy, dogs are very good at learning a daily routine. However, they are not so good at judging duration. Not going outside to play was unacceptable to them; just a few tosses of the tennis ball was okay.

►  One of those crazy weather days when the day's high temp occurred at midnight. A low pressure area to our north is pulling warm, moist air up from the Gulf of Mexico. Hence, warmer temps and drizzle, a fairly typical winter weather pattern between cold fronts. (54ºF/12ºC @ midnight)

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