Friday, October 31, 2008

Journal: Friday, 10/31/08

Early Morning:

► Midnight: Moderately gusty south wind ... clear skies ... 59F/15C ... didn't even need to build a fire in the wood stove this evening.

► My ISP abandoned me during the early morning. Without the Net, there was nothing for me to do except go to bed.

Late Morning:

► High, hazy overcast ... 20% chance of rain ... moderately gusty south wind ... 64F/17C @ 10 AM.


► Overcast continues. In fact, the sky is darker right now than it has been since dawn. (68F/29C @ 1:30 PM)

► Light rain showers off and on for the past couple of hours. Not enough rainfall to amount to anything, though. Patches of blue sky here and there now. Clearing is underway, I think. (64F/17C @ 5 PM)
► Jo and I decided to go ahead and risk getting wet on a walk, but didn't take the camera. No problem.


► Rain over. Sky clear. (62F/16C @ 7:30 PM)

► Started Jo's kiln on another bisque firing. (59F/15C @ midnight)

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