Friday, October 17, 2008

Journal: Friday, 10/17/08

Early Morning:

Blog post on Hodgepodgery: Trying out the slide in the playground at Sequiota Park in Springfield, MO.

Chilling down tonight. 45º F (7º C) @ 3 AM.

Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks: Spider Wasp.

Late Morning:

A beautiful, cloudless, windless fall day going on here. 65º F (18º C) @ noon. I need to get off this computer and get outside to enjoy this wonderful weather.

It seems strange: Here it is Friday and we're not driving to a show. Nor must we set up a booth later this afternoon. Woohoo!


Jo began the process of migrating our potted plants from the porch to various places inside the house. She washed off their leaves and made room for them inside. In my capacity as the strong-backed, weak-minded member of our family, I assisted in moving the heavier pots out into the yard for their baths. Tomorrow they will again become houseplants, a status they do not appreciate. Many will drop most of their leaves in protest. Little do they know how much worse it would be if we left them outside.

Jo also blanched and removed the skins from a few tomatoes so she could freeze them. In 20+ years of gardening in Arkansas, this is the first time we've had excess tomatoes in October. Most years, the majority of the plants succumb to the heat and arid conditions of August.

Mystery smell solved: All week we've been catching whiffs of a slightly sweet, slightly acrid smell, but could not figure out its source. On her way out to the brush pile this afternoon, Jo discovered where the smell originated: A large quantity of persimmons have fallen to the ground and fermented. I'm sure Rusty and Bucket would love to clean up the fallen persimmons, but I'd greatly prefer some raccoon, opossum or coyote eat their fill of fermented fruits. Cleaning up after wild critters is not my job.