Thursday, October 9, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 10/09/08


On the computer until noon.

Threw one of my favorite pair of cutoffs away this morning. Jo said they were grossing her out and not worth the soap needed to wash them again.


Worked on making sure the Scotty was ready to tow to Springfield, MO, Friday morning. Tightened the trailer ball on the van's hitch. It had worked loose and was sliding around the last time I towed the Scotty. Aired up the trailer's tires. Made sure the lights were working.

The Scotty is hooked to the van and we're ready to head out -- after we spend a couple of hours taking care of last minute details, of course.

Not having to make a trip into town to purchase a new tire this week was nice -- and cheaper too.


Worked on end of quarter bookkeeping and tax payments.