Thursday, October 30, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 10/30/08

Early Morning:

► “Started Jo's kiln on a bisque firing. It's not supposed to get nearly as cold tonight as it has been. (54F/12C @ midnight)” -- Thursday at 12:19 am

► “Light south breeze. Temperature not continuing to fall tonight. (53F/11C @ 4 AM)” -- Thursday at 4:18 am

Late Morning:

► “Last cold front is now but a memory. Temp heading for the mid-seventies today. Sunny, light south wind and 68F/20C @ 11 AM.” -- Thursday at 11:01 am


► “Sun still shining brightly, but south wind picking up. (75F/24C @ 2 PM)” -- Thursday at 2:07 pm

► “Serviceman from the water district came down and opened up the fireplug-style cleanout in front of Jo's studio. Not sure what that was all about. Maybe just getting a water sample from down here at the end of the line, but he ran enough water to float a boat. Soggy in front of the studio now.” -- Thursday at 2:54 pm
Later: I checked and discovered he'd also installed another meter box on top of our existing meter box. Our meter is now about two feet down from the top of the box. I suppose he constructed the double-decker arrangement because the existing single box was getting covered and filled in by dirt washing downhill. The tiered arrangement will certainly prevent the meter box from getting covered up, but no better than the fit between the two boxes is, I'm not sure it will stop dirt from washing inside.
► “Afternoon Walk: Neighbors hay barn over on the county road.”

Afternoon Walk:  Neighbors hay barn over on the county road.

Thursday at 4:58 pm


► “Fixed a double batch of pancakes for Jo to warm and eat for breakfast over the next couple of weeks. (61F/16C @ 8 PM)” -- Thursday at 8:19 pm

► “Midnight: Moderately gusty south wind ... clear skies ... 59F/15C ... didn't even need to build a fire in the wood stove this evening.” -- Friday at 1:54 am

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