Monday, October 13, 2008

Journal: Monday, 10/13/08

Up, morning routine, walk dogs and Scotty hooked up to the van by nine o'clock.  That's fast for Jo and I.

Art in the Park, Sequiota Park, Springfield (MO): Bari Precious of Precious Pots.

Driving between Springfield (MO) and Harrison (AR) was not fun.  The wind was blowing fairly strong and hitting the van and trailer at a bad angle.  Holding the van on the road was difficult at times, especially when passed by a large vehicle.  Getting passed happens quite a lot when pulling the Scotty, especially going up hill.  I was glad to take a break when we got to the rest area outside of Harrison.  The wind caused fewer problems on the remainder of the trip home.

Leon Von Weelden:  In addition to his unique line of pottery (Cracked Pot Clayworks), Leon is also a puppeter and clown.  I think he even has a "real" job, too.

Jo and I arrived home around 1 PM.  We ate some lunch followed by a short nap.  (The nap might have been longer except Rusty and, especially, Bucket decided we ought to get up and get moving.)  We unloaded our personal belongings from the van and trailer.  Then, I moved the Scotty back into its parking spot. 

Aside for some cleaning, straightening and washing up, that's about all we accomplished after returning home.