Friday, October 10, 2008

Journal: Friday, 10/10/08

Up at 6 AM, morning routine, finish loading Scotty, etc.  Pull away from the house on our trip to Springfield a little after eight o'clock.

First stop:  Searcy County Courthouse.  We'd forgotten our county property taxes when Jo went into town on Wednesday.  They are due today.  We had to get our taxes paid before leaving town for the weekend.  Didn't take long.

Second stop:  Wally World in Harrison.  A couple of items bought, but mainly needed to stretch our legs and use their facilities.  A rest area is just a few miles up the road, but it's on the wrong side.  It's sometimes very difficult to get a break in the traffic so one can pull back onto Highway 65 heading toward Springfield.

Got to Ozark Highlands Mobile Home Park a little before noon. (135 miles) The mobile home park has around 300 spaces for mobile homes.  When we first started using Ozark Highlands, all these spaces were used by permanent residents.  There was a gravel lot with hook ups in the back of the park for three dozen or so RVs.  Many of the RV slots were always taken by long-term occupants -- construction workers and the like.

In recent years, more and more long-term occupants are assigned spaces amongst the permanent residents.  I supposed the demand for mobile home spaces has fallen over the years as it became easier to finance a non-mobile home.  Now there are always plenty of spaces available in the RV lot whereas in the past, reservations made well ahead of time were necessary.

Jo and I got the Scotty situated in its RV slot, which doesn't take long, and had a sandwich for lunch.  I tried to catch a quick nap, but Rusty and Bucket went off on a barking session about the time I fell asleep, so that was the end of my nap. We drove on down to Sequiota Park to set up for the Art in the Park show.  The show site is only about three miles from the RV park.

Since we had only one booth to set up and most of the afternoon in which to accomplish that task, we didn't get in any big rush.  We piddled at setting up the booth and stopped to visit with several new arrivals as they pulled into the park.  By seven o'clock we had the booth set up.  Since there was no bad weather in the forecast, Jo even put her pots out on the shelves.  (She doesn't usually do that until Saturday morning.)  We headed back to the trailer for the remainder of the evening.