Monday, October 6, 2008

Journal: Monday, 10/06/08

Jo and I got a none too early start leaving St. Louis. It was around eight o'clock by the time we'd eaten our fill of sausage biscuits and pulled away from the hotel.

I'd hoped to make it all the way back to Ozark, MO, before stopping for "the cheapest gasoline in Missouri." However, we encountered a strong headwind along the way and the van began gulping gasoline even faster than normal. Paying a little more for gas was preferable to running out along the way. We filled up at Redmond's Candy Factory about fifty miles east of Springfield. The Candy Factory and adjoining Gift Store are really out in the middle of nowhere and I've never seen more that a few cars around. I don't see how they stay in business, but they've been open for several years. Their gasoline was $2.99/gallon. (Gas in Ozark was only $2.79, but we didn't need any.)

Around one o'clock we made it to the rest area just outside of Harrison, AR, where we ate lunch. After eating, we drove a bit further down the road to Wally World and then to the vet's. Bailing out Rusty and Bucket was expensive. In addition to their boarding, both had a heart worm test and we picked up a three-month supply of heart worm pills.

After driving on into Marshall and filling up the van's gas tank one final time for this trip ($3.29/gallon), we finally made it home around four o'clock. (772 miles round trip, plus to and from show.) Jo and I unloaded our personal stuff from the van. A light mist began falling while we were unloading. The mist progressed into rain overnight.