Thursday, October 2, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 10/02/08

Early Morning:
► Still playing catch up with online activities. I actually had time to visit a couple of blogs, but just a couple :-(
► We're experiencing some of our coolest temperatures of this fall. The temp is dipping into the mid-forties overnight.

Late Morning:
► Another beautiful early fall day: Sunshine and 67º @ 11 AM.
► Jo is putting together a big pasta salad for our upcoming trip to St. Louis. It's great to have something besides sandwiches to eat while on the road.

► Took our afternoon walk up the road to the gate and back. Jo picked wildflowers to take with us to the show. She uses them in her pottery display. Having wildflowers available is better than having to buy cut flowers from Wally World in my opinion.
► Finished getting the van unloaded and reloaded. I didn't get into this upcoming show; only Jo did. I pulled my spoons, canopy, etc. out and the van and replaced the boxes Jo had refilled with pots. It's getting to the point where Jo doesn't have all the inventory she needs to completely restock. That's the way it always goes. With all the different items and glaze combinations she makes, there's no way to anticipate exactly what will sell.

► Odds and ends of loading and packing accomplished so that we'll be ready to head out Friday morning.