Saturday, October 11, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 10/11/08

Up at six o'clock, morning routine, walk the dogs and head down to Art in the Park. Jo and I didn't have a lot to do before the show opened -- mostly just a bit of straightening and organizing, plus setting up our "office" and wrapping table.

After the show got going, the crowd and sales were fairly good Saturday morning. The crowd fell off around noon, but picked back up in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the afternoon crowd wasn't into doing a lot of buying, at least, not from Jo and I. Our Saturday sales were way behind last year.

Art in the Park at Sequiota Park is a small show and our sales have never been terrific. Jo and I continued doing the show because our expenses are low. Our bottom line is better than gross sales indicate. However, this year the gross sales were just too low. We'll give the show another chance, though. The show is easy to do and we know most of the exhibitors. We are also members of the Southwest Missouri Art Guild, the promoter of the show.

Galloway Station Bar and Grill provided the food concession. Artists were given free meals both Saturday and Sunday. The bratwurst, potato salad and sauerkraut were good.

After the show on Saturday, a group of us went over to a friends house for supper: Pinto beans, jalapeno cornbread, apple pie and ice cream. We ate, visited with friends for a while, the headed back to the RV park and walked the dogs. Jo and I were in bed by a little after ten o'clock.