Saturday, October 18, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 10/18/08

Early Morning: Chilling down, but not quite as much as last night.  52º F (11º C) @ 2:00 AM.

Late Morning: Another beautiful fall day in the Ozarks.  (Yes, that's redundant, but I will never tire of saying it.)  A little warmer than yesterday.  The wind has become variable and picked up a little -- probably in the process of shifting around to the south.  66º F (18º C) at 11 AM.


Houseplants:  Jo finished transporting all our potted plants and hanging baskets into the house for the winter.  I helped by carrying a few of the larger ones.

Young Buck:  A young buck came down for a drink at the small pond visible from our kitchen window.  Doesn't he know this is the fist day of muzzle loading deer season and he should stay hidden in the woods?  Having never been a hunter, I am not familiar with the terminology describing a young buck's antlers -- the degree of antler formation necessary before he can be legally shot.  This one had a long and a short tine on each side of his head.

Another Fall Art Fair:  Both Jo and I applied to the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Covington, LA.  Jo did the show last year for the first time.  Considering the distance from our place to southern Louisiana plus all the great things we'd heard about the show, Jo's sales were not up to our expectations, but they were good enough for us to give it another shot.  However, neither Jo nor I got into the show this year.  Both of us were placed on the standby list.  Today, Jo received an email saying someone had cancelled and inviting her to exhibit in the show.  Jo accepted.

Blog posts from last year's Three Rivers show:

So, it looks as if Jo and I will be heading south in a few weeks.  That means Jo will be busy, busy, busy in her pottery studio.  It also means that we need to find a new place for boarding Rusty and Bucket that's south of us.  In years past we boarded the dogs at our local vet's.  Her office was right on the way if we were heading south and only slightly out of the way if we were heading north.  However, due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances, she was forced to close her office early last spring -- and we were forced to find new places for boarding our dogs.  We found a vet up in Harrison that we like for boarding, but that's an extra 80 mile round trip if we're heading south.  We also used a vet's office to the south for boarding last spring, but did not think our dogs received adequate care.  We must find a new boarding facility.

Weather:  Temperature range = 74/48.  Clear skies.  Light and variable wind.