Thursday, October 16, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 10/16/08

Early Morning:

Light rain continues off and on.  56º @ 3:00 AM.

Late Morning:

Woke up to a ruckus of dog barking.  Rusty periodically checks the windows, seeing if there's anything outside requiring a barking session.  Bucket readily adds her voice to the din.  Seldom does she know exactly what she's barking at, but never lets that curb her enthusiasm.

We received a new cool front ushering in more fall-like temperatures.  A half inch of rain fell last evening and overnight.  58º @ noon.


Made a routine trip into town.  We needed a few groceries and I needed to get the checks from our last show into the bank.  Absolutely nothing in town has changed since I was last there.  I lie!  The price of gasoline is down to $2.79/gallon.  It was $2.49/gallon in Missouri on Monday.

An odd aspect of shopping in a small town in a rural area is that you often keep encountering the same people as you visit various businesses and services.  Most everyone saves up his/her errands and combines several stops into one trip.  And, there are only a limited number of places where one can go when in town:  Feed store (1), grocery store (1), library (1), lumber yard (1), auto supply (2), bank (4).  (I don't know why we have so damned many banks in town.  You'd think there was a lot of money in the county and that's certainly not the case.)  Anyway, it's not at all unusual to encounter the same person in more than one establishment while in town.  Today, I saw the same friend three different times.


The temperature dipped down to 47º.  I really ought to start thinking about cleaning out the stove pipe so that we can have a fire in the wood stove.