Saturday, October 25, 2008

Journal: Saturday, 10/25/08


10 AM: Sunny ... no wind ... 53ºF/11ºC. Jo says there was a little bit of frost around earlier. Our first of this fall.

Noon: Not a cloud in the sky. South wind picking up a little. 62ºF/16ºC What am I doing still indoors on this beautiful day.?!!

Blog post on Nature in the Ozarks:  Spotted Cucumber Beetle.  The persimmons that have fallen off the tree and are fermenting are attracting a lot of insects.


Jo harvested a half bushel of crowder peas. Anyone want to help shell them? (71ºF/21ºC @ 2 PM)

Photo Tip: Putting a fresh battery pack on the charger and sticking the low one back into the camera will not extinguish the low battery warning. Doh!

A few clouds moved in during the afternoon giving more interest to this shot of the woods and pasture along the road about midway between our place and the gate.  Unfortunately, the power lines ended up in the photo too.

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