Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 10/07/08

Early Morning:

► Rain began during the evening -- light at first, but heavier at times overnight.

► Catching up with my journal posts so they include last weekend at the Historic Shaw Artfair.

Late Morning:

► Rain stopped a couple of hours ago.  (So Jo says.)  We've even seen a few patches of blue sky.  There's still a 70% chance of more showers in our forecast, though.  We've received an even one inch of rain thus far.

► Sky keeps alternating from partly to mostly cloudy, but no more rain yet.  69º @ noon.


► A lot of piddling little chores accomplished, including washing up all the dirty dishes, ice chest trays, sandwich containers, etc. brought back from our road trip.  Fun, fun, fun.

► Walked up to the gate and back.  A few leaves are beginning to turn, but not really fall-like yet.  We may not have very much fall color unless our temperatures start chilling down a bit more.  (Yes, I've read experts who claim that day length and not temperature governs when leaves change color.  Based on personal observation, I believe temp has a large influence too.)


► Finally finished replacing the bottom in that rabbit cage.