Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 10/08/08


Jo was gone when I awoke this morning Jo was gone.  She left a note saying:  "The truck is arriving early so there is underwear in the washer."

Translation:  We are members of a bulk food buying group.  Jo was scheduled to help unload the truck when it arrived in Marshall mid-morning.  She'd planned to wash a load of white clothes and hang them out on the clothesline before leaving for town, but received a phone call informing her the truck was running ahead of schedule.  She didn't have time to hang out the clothes, so I needed to take care of that little chore.  I did.  She later informed me that I'd hung our socks upside down, but they got dry nonetheless.

We've been a member of a bulk natural foods buying group for several years.  In fact, our group is currently on it's third vendor.  For many years there was a natural foods coop over in Fayetteville, AR, and we bought from them.  Three or four years ago, that coop suffered a variety of financial problems and ended up folding.  Another coop formed and serving much of the same area.  It was struggling along trying to make a go of it when fuel prices skyrocketed.  It went belly up too.  For several months our buying group did no buying because we couldn't find a supplier that would deliver in Arkansas and also had a low enough minimum order for our small group.  This order was placed with a coop that's affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They only deliver to Arkansas every couple of months and have a limited inventory, but are much better than nothing.  Our group of old hippie-types associating with a relatively strict religious group is kind of weird, but a desire for bulk natural foods makes for strange bedfellows, it seems.

Besides hanging out the clothes, I spent most of the morning playing catch up on the computer.


I moved our ancient little camper trailer from its parking place to a location more accessible for cleaning and loading.  We only use the little Scotty trailer a couple of times a year these days.  It's just too much of a hassle and extra strain on the van to use the Scotty for doing shows unless the show is relatively nearby.  This week's show is up in Springfield, MO, and that qualifies as relatively nearby.

Later I partially unloaded and reloaded the van.  We brought about seven empty boxes back from St. Louis.  At this point, Jo only had the inventory to refill one.  In one way, loading the van for our upcoming show should be easy.  We have less inventory.  Plus, all our food and clothing can go into the Scotty.  One the other hand, because of its venue in a park and cooler weather, we take Rusty and Bucket with us to this show.  Working two large dog crates into the van requires quite a bit of re-arranging.


Rehung the repaired rabbit cage and moved a young buck into it.