Thursday, October 23, 2008

Journal: Thursday, 10/23/08

Early Morning:

Light to moderate rain continues. No storms just soggy fall funkiness. 52º F (11º C) @ 1 AM.

Blog post: Hodgepodgery: Journal: Tuesday, 10/21/08

(Features photos of monarch butterfly and bumble bee.)

Since most of our fall wildflowers have already bloomed out, the zinnias in our garden are a very popular place among the butterflies and other pollinators.

Light rain continues falling at 4:00 AM. Temperature has only drop another degree to 51º F (10º C).

Bedtime. Very light drizzle falling at the moment, A 60% chance of showers forecast for the remainder of the day. 50º F (10º C) @ 5 AM.

Late Morning:

Sunny and 50º F (10º C) @ 10 AM. Rain moved on through dropping only .5" precipitation. More clouds and slight chance of showers forecast for tonight and Friday.

Since the sun is shining, Jo washed a load of clothes and hung them out on the clothesline. South wind coming up. 58º F (14º C) @ noon.

Blog Post: Nature in the Ozarks: Bird's Foot Violet (Viola pedata)

Normally a spring-blooming wildflower, a few bird's foot violets along the road out insist upon late summer or early fall blooming too.


Took our normal walk up the road to the gate and back. It still hasn't gotten cold enough for Jo, Rusty, Bucket and I to start venturing back out into the woods. And, when venturing into the woods, there's always deer hunting season to keep in mind. Deer seasons of various types will continue for a while. That concern isn't as bad as it once was since our neighbor became much more restrictive about allowing others to hunt on his land. Still, there occasionally hunters unknown to us on Jerry Joe's property, not to mention the possibility of a trespasser.

Fall color progressing, but it's a race to see how many leaves change color before others just fall off. My guess is this year's fall color is going to be below par, but I'd love to be proven wrong.


Fired up the wood stove for the first time this fall -- just a little fire to keep the house from being nippy inside tomorrow morning. We might have had a fire a couple of evening last week had I gotten the stove pipe cleaned out sooner. (65º inside and 50º outside at 11 PM).

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