Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 10/28/08

►  Started Jo's kiln on a glaze firing. (36F/2C @ midnight.)

►  Jo's kiln is up to 1034ºF/556ºC. All the wax has burned off and the fumes vented. Shut the lid fully. (36F/2C @ 3 AM)

The area right behind our garden.  This area was cleared only a year or so before we bought this place.  The previous owners were trying to make a pasture out of it, but Jo and I decided it was much to steep for that purpose.  We've let the trees grow back.  

►  Time for some sleep. (34F/1C @ 4:45 AM)

►  First cuppa coffee is so-o-o-o good. (They're all pretty darned nice.) 41F/5C, sunny skies, light wind @ 10 AM.

►  Time to move on to off line projects. (51F/10C @ 1 PM)

Our garden for 2008 is over.  Temperatures a few degrees below freeze did in everything except for some dill weed.  Of course, there's still a lot of work needing done out there, but no more produce to harvest.

►  Back from a pleasant afternoon walk up the road. (55F/12C @ 5 PM) Temps forecast for tonight not quite as cold as last night's 30F/-1C.

►  Midnight: Clear skies ... calm wind ... 39F/3C. A perfect time for a midnight snack, I'd say.

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