Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 10/22/08


“Mostly cloudy and 63º F (17º C) @ 11 AM. Damp south wind, too.  A little rain in PM forecast. More rain forecast for tomorrow.”

“Noon: 68º F (20º C). Clouds decreasing; south wind increasing. With cooler temperatures on the way, I really ought to get the stove pipe cleaned out this afternoon. Without a good cleaning, we cannot stoke up a fire in our wood stove, and wood is our only source of heat.”


“Toted another box of clay over to Jo's studio. It's the least I can do since she's chained to her wheel preparing for our next art fair. Skies fluctuating between partly and mostly cloudy. South wind starting to gust. Great weather for climbing around on the roof. 70º F (21º C) @ 1 PM”

“Stovepipe cleaning in progress, but took a break to go on our afternoon walk. Dragging out the extension ladder and propping it safely against the roof edge is not the hardest part of this chore, but it is the point of maximum inertia. Now that I've passed that point, I'll finish the job. The pipe is cleaned out.  Now I just need to replace the cap and flange up some other odds and ends."

“Stove pipe cleaned. The weather can turn cold and nasty whenever it wants because we can now fire up the wood stove whenever we want. We even have an atypically large supply of firewood remaining from last winter. A firewood supply of a half dozen sticks or fewer is how we usually enter fall.”


“Rain's been in our forecast for the past two days, but NOAA kept pushing back the start time. Light showers have finally begun falling. No heavy rain or lightening thus far.”

“Hot water heater is suddenly producing scalding hot water. I cranked the thermostat down, but it may need replacing. I don't like the idea of a hot water heater thermostat choosing it's own setting. At least, it is still shutting off the element.”

(From my feed on FriendFeed.)