Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 10/29/08

►  Midnight: Clear skies ... calm wind ... 39F/3C. A perfect time for a midnight snack, I'd say.

►  10 AM: Clear, sun-filled skies and 55F/12C. Need to finish up my "chores" on the computer so I can make a trip to town.

►  Up to 67F/19C @ noon. Warmer outside than inside the house. I reckon I should open a few windows.

►  Blog Post:  Nature in the Ozarks: A Little Miscellaneous

►  Re-provisioning required. Heading into town in T-shirt weather. 74F/23C @ 2:30 PM.

►  Back from town. Expensive re-provisioning trip since neither Jo nor I made the run for almost two weeks. 57F/14C @ 7 PM.

►  Nothing exciting going on in town.  I made all the usual stops:  Bank, post office, feed store and grocery store.  I also filled up Jo's kerosene jug since it's getting chilly enough she needs the kerosene heater in her studio.   Gasoline at the grocery store was $2.29/gallon, but the price of kerosene has not fallen.  It cost me a few cents shy of $20.00 to purchase four-and-a-half gallons.

►  Started Jo's kiln on a bisque firing. It's not supposed to get nearly as cold tonight as it has been. (54F/12C @ midnight)

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