Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Journal: Wednesday, 10/15/08


Nearly caught up with my online activities -- at least, as caught up as I'm going to get.  The rest I'm going to let slide and start all over again.

Blog Post on Nature in the OzarksSeed caught in spider web.

Noon: Overcast skies and 75º.  NOAA says we have a 40% chance of rain after one o'clock.  After this little cold front moves through our area, the weather is supposed to feel a little more fall-like with high temperatures in the sixties.  That's still warm for mid-October in the Ozarks.  In years past, we'd be anticipating our first hard frost by now.  Several light frost would have already occurred.  We haven't even gotten close to a frost yet this year, though.


Cooked up a big batch of waffles and cleaned up the mess from that activity.  So went the majority of my early afternoon.

Walked up to the gate and back.  At 77º and around 80% relative humidity, that was a sticky trip.

At five o'clock it looks as if we may finally be getting the rain forecast for earlier in the PM.  Light rain falling and hearing thunder in the distance.


The light rain persisted for a couple of hours and then ceased until late in the evening when we received more showers.  (I haven't made it out to the rain gauge to check the exact amount yet.)  No heavy rain or storms occurred in our area.  Our temperature began falling during the evening and was down to 59º at midnight.