Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 10/21/08


After several days of abundant sunshine, today began overcast.  Several days of fall funk in our forecast.  63º F (17º C) @ 10 AM.

The sun partially burned through our overcast, producing a bit of hazy sunshine -- more sunshine than I expected.   71º F (21º C) @ noon.

Since most of our fall wildflowers have already bloomed out, the zinnias in our garden are a very popular place among the butterflies and other pollinators.  A group of monarchs is evidently migrating through.  I saw several in near pristine condition.


Dug potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Sweet potato harvest was on the low side of pathetic.  Yukon Gold potato yield was worse.  Read about our potato harvest on Nature in the Ozarks.

The fallen and fermenting persimmons are attracting many insects.  I hope this bumble bee didn't get pulled over for DUI.


Twas and outstanding day for creating dirty dishes for me to wash.  This happens when Jo cooks a big meal.  (Which doesn't happen often and that's fine by me.)  A counter full of dishes needing washed also happens when everything we eat during the course of the day empties a leftover's container.  Today was definitely an empty container sort of day.  I thought I'd never finish washing all those dishes.