Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Journal: Tuesday, 10/14/08


Woke up to overcast skies and a very light drizzle. We received a light rain shower around ten o'clock -- maybe .1" of rain.


Skies have cleared to mostly cloudy and the sun is breaking through occasionally. Temperature is up to 76º.

Not that you can really tell much from this distance with our camera, but the geese are heading south. There may have been others, but this is the first flight I've seen this fall.

Spent the morning on the computer updating my journal posts to include the past weekend at Art in the Park in Springfield, MO.


Unloaded most everything out of the van for the first time in four weeks. The shelving boards and canopy frame are the only items remaining inside.

Jo is back to work building up inventory. She says she's teaching herself how to throw pots again. She had very little time to work on pottery between shows. What little time she had was devoted to either bisque firing pots already thrown or glazing and firing pots already bisqued. Jo hasn't actually thrown a pot in a little over a month.

We walked to the gate an back. While in Springfield, we walked ever day, but walking on flat land is not the same as hiking in our hills. A little more fall color is beginning to show, though you cannot tell we are well into fall by the temperature, which made it up to 77º today.

Skies continued alternating between partly and mostly cloudy. At day's end, partly cloudy appears to be winning, though there's a high chance of rain in tomorrow's forecast.


Heard from a friend of ours concerning the medical condition of her little Yorkie. Marsha Becker-Kyle was set up next to Jo and I at the Art in the Park show in Springfield, MO. During most of the show, her two little Yorkies (Baby and Roxy) stayed in her van, but she had them out Sunday afternoon. To make a long story short, Roxy fell of a plastic tote. She yelped quite a bit at the time and wouldn't put any weight on the leg for the rest of the afternoon. Marsha took Roxy to the vet on Monday. One of her front legs was dislocated at the shoulder. After being anesthetized, Roxy's leg was popped back into place. Her leg is sore, but she's doing okay. Marsha and her husband Jay will be in Arkansas Wednesday setting up for the Bella Vista Art Fair. The girls will be boarded at the vet's this time around.